Parler Owner Dan Bongino Denies Rumors that Parler is “Majority Owned” by George Soros

Parler Owner Dan Bongino Denies Rumors that Parler is “Majority Owned” by George Soros


When this piece was first written and published, it was believed the screenshot of the Fox News screen was real. Since then, it’s been proven to be a photoshop, and the piece was rewritten accordingly.

If you read, you know we’ve been telling you for a long time now that Fox News is not your friend.

Well, now, we’ve all seen for ourselves that Fox News is wolves in sheep’s clothing, thanks to the fake polls they ran to prop up Biden, and the absurd way they covered election night, and how they were the very first to declare Biden “President-Elect.”

They’re leading the coup.


Since then, Fox has done all they can to “pooh-pooh” any talk of “fraud,” despite the fact that there are sworn affidavits coming out of the woodwork and strange “anomalies” (wink wink) popping up everywhere.

So, it was no surprise that a photo-shopped image of a Fox News screen telling people the conservative social media app Parler, was “majority-owned” by George Soros, was taken seriously, even by one of the owners of Parler, Dan Bongino.

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The actual owner of the app, Dan Bongino, went on Twitter and addressed the rumor, saying that it was not true and he’s actually the owner of Parler.

Here’s what he said: “Folks, this is the kind of stuff we’ve been dealing with all week. This isn’t real. I OWN PARLER.”

Below is the photo-shopped image. It’s very good, I mean, you can’t even really tell it’s fake, for crying out loud.

However, I think it’s fair to question who is investing in Parler since many conservatives upload their driver’s licenses to the site for “badges.”

In the meantime though, while Fox News didn’t appear to start this rumor, they’re still playing election coup games.

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Fox News is worse than CNN, MSNBC, WAPO, and NYT combined. They are one of the biggest enemies we face right now, and the sad part is, we helped create this monster.

But now it’s time to take that monster down.

Here are the 5 steps that can help us do that:

  1. Don’t watch anything, not even “friendly” shows on Fox News. Turn them off.
  2. If you want to watch Tucker or others, watch him on Youtube or social media (not Fox’s Youtube channel).
  3. Do not click on ANY Fox News or New York Post article at all.
  4. Cancel all subscriptions you may have to any Fox News app or program they offer.
  5. Block Fox News on social media do not retweet them or promote them.

If you’re looking for broadcast alternatives, go with OANN or Newsmax.

If we follow these five steps, we will send a very clear and very powerful message to these traitors and to Paul Ryan, that they can’t use us for our ratings and loyalty, and then sail us down the river later.

Fox News needs to go. They’re far too powerful, and now they’re fighting against us.


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