[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Outlines 5 Examples of What He Says Are “Major Voting Fraud” in Pennsylvania

[VIDEO] Jim Jordan Outlines 5 Examples of What He Says Are “Major Voting Fraud” in Pennsylvania

While Fox News and the rest of the fake news media tout “President-elect Biden,” actual patriots are still working hard to expose the Biden Steal.

And there is plenty of proof everywhere.


Rep. Jim Jordan, one of the very few Republicans who is actually fighting for Trump and more importantly, the American people, who are clearly being robbed with this mail-in ballot fiasco, is calling out what he says are 5 MAJOR examples of voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

You can watch the video below:

I’m here to remind you that news organizations and globalist foreign leaders do not pick our president.

The American people do…and in this case, sadly, the courts will have a final say.

MORE NEWS: Trump Legal Team Just Sent a Letter to Bill Barr Regarding ” Criminal Fraudulent Voting” By Non-Residents of Nevada

What’s happening now with the media and the foreign leaders all declaring Biden “president-elect” is part of this massive CIA-style psyop that we’ve been watching unfold for months now.

It’s the biggest gaslighting scheme to ever happen in this county and should be rejected.


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