New GOP Traitor Steps Forward and Boldly Declares He’ll Stop President Trump…And Gets Popmptly Tackled Online

New GOP Traitor Steps Forward and Boldly Declares He’ll Stop President Trump…And Gets Popmptly Tackled Online

Much like Fox News, the GOP is showing their true colors.


Have you noticed how few of them are fighting for free and fair elections?

They’re basically shrugging their shoulders like “oh well, where’s the evidence?”

It’s insulting beyond belief.

And also like Fox News, the GOP is biting the hand that has been feeding them and underestimating the love and support people have for our amazing America First President.

But right now, because Trump is behind the 8-ball, the haters are feeling very emboldened and strong, and they’re getting really, really cocky.

These dopes still don’t realize that this is the party of Trump and we the people, not the party of them. They basically don’t matter. They are there to simply vote how we tell them, and if they don’t, they need to go.

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But when the chips are down, the slimy swamp creatures come crawling out – and this new cocky hater has stepped forward with a bold new message…he’s now vowing to block President Trump’s efforts to give Americans the right to speak freely online.

California GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger put out a nasty tweet to President Trump – one he’d never have published before this election mess – vowing to override Trump’s VETO of any bill that includes Section 230 in it.

And he added a very disrespectful and snarky comment as well.

Here’s what he said: “I will vote to override. Because it’s really not about you”

Rep. Kinzinger was instantly tackled online:

“You stupid prick, this isn’t about Trump or any President. It’s about the fact that half a dozen companies now have more power than the US government, and have the ability to remake the news or people’s perception of it in real time. Don’t be a pussy.”

“So giving your voters the right to speak freely online isn’t important to you? Good to know. You’ll be primaried, you POS”

“Lol it takes 2/3 vote to override a presidential veto. You don’t have the votes, turnip. It ain’t about you. It’s about the people that pay your salary, you pompous ass.”

“Looks like Kinzinger may be filling his pockets with Google, Facebook, Twitter donations.”

“You are anti- free speech. Prep.”

“This answer means you’re paid by these social media platforms. Which gives you the most? Google. Probably”

“We will vote to remove you next election. You’re no longer working for the people.”

“Please, someone primary this loser.”

Kinzinger is the “face” of the GOP. This is their attitude, and what it’s always been, but now they feel so brazen and bold, that they can show it.

And it’s not just a slap in the face to POTUS, it’s really a slap in OUR faces.


The GOP doesn’t care what we want or how we feel. Just like Fox News, they believe that they can do whatever they want, and over time we’ll calm down and come to our senses.

The GOP wants things to go back to “normal,” how things were before Trump came along…But that’s not going to happen.

Sorry Adam, but you can’t shove the toothpaste back in the tube.


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