CNN is Pulling Out All the Desperate Stops to Try and Silence O’Keefe After He Secretly Recorded Their Zoom Calls

CNN is Pulling Out All the Desperate Stops to Try and Silence O’Keefe After He Secretly Recorded Their Zoom Calls

Well it looks like CNN is definitely shook up by the huge bombshell that James O’Keefe recently dropped on them.

Today O’Keefe revealed that he has been recording top-brass meeting at the network for the past two months and he dropped this info on non-other than CNN’s President Jeff Zucker!


Needless to say, his reaction was completely hilarious.

Check it out:

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Well now the network is in complete desperation mode and are now claiming that what O’Keefe did is a “felony” and has the authorities involved.

From The National Pulse

CNN’s claim – provided with no legal rationale – was shared by their often overzealous public relations team. The tweet also claimed to have referred the matter to “law enforcement” – a curious position given CNN’s repeated attacks on U.S. law enforcement over the past year.

The Veritas-recorded calls are set to be released December 1st at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

CNN’s attempted to stifle O’Keefe’s free speech and reporting is especially revealing given the network and its anchors’ tendencies to cry “press freedom” in the face of President Trump. It is not clear whether the network has reversed its position on press freedom, or whether they simply believe it is only for them.

The network also features many Washington Post reporters as regular guests. The Washington Post’s strapline is “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” which CNN now appears to be in favor of.


This just reeks of despair.

They clearly have zero legal basis to make this claim on and are just trying to use it as an intimidation tactic.

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