Opinion: There Was Never Supposed To BE A “Wall” Between American Citizens And Our Government

Opinion: There Was Never Supposed To BE A “Wall” Between American Citizens And Our Government

The wall between the government and American citizens has been slowly chipped away for longer than most of us were born.

The Bill of Rights, supposedly a barrier to protect citizens from the government, is a threat to the dictator wannabes, so they ignore it and pass laws that contradict it. Then, they dare anyone to do anything about it. Since the judiciary, Congress, and LE agencies are corrupt, they get away with it. Since 1947, every crime committed by the government is excused under the faux guise of National Security.


The government tells you that you must sacrifice your freedom so those in charge can protect you from the Boogey Man du jour. In the end, and too late, we discovered that the boogeyman was our own government.

Here’s a little secret for you. There was never supposed to BE a “wall” between American citizens and their government – We, The People, are supposed to BE the government. THAT wall is the problem.

How do we fix this debacle? First, realize the game that is being played. The Dems talked the entire country into a panic over another round of the flu. They distracted the voters by the constant drumbeat of numbers showing that we were all going to die. (As a matter of fact, we are all going to die.) While we watched the “squirrel,” the gorilla in the room stole the election—time to stop being played for fools. The Dems, and their allies, care nothing for the People of this Country. They care about money and power.


How otherwise to explain the Biden crime enterprise, the Clinton crime family, and all of the others who enter government with nothing, never having produced a thing in their lives and leaving multi-millionaires? Once the stealing starts and no one stops it, the grifters never know when to stop.

We have to start paying more attention to our country and our government than we do to the various forms of entertainment that mean nothing to our continued existence as a free people. As for this past fiasco of an election – take to the streets, take to the airwaves, and refuse to look at the squirrels.

Saying this election result is what we need to start turning this around is like saying the Russians moving into Berlin was going to redouble the Third Reich efforts.

If this election result stands, the war is over. The Constitution is dead.


I find all the emails I get from the Republican establishment about the Georgia Senate runoffs rather annoying. If they are going to fight the fight, they need to fight for the Presidential election. NOW. Trump is the only reason to support Republicans. Without him, the federal government is a criminal conspiracy.

Perhaps we need a big shock to wake up most of the country to the danger the leftists represent. Barely winning elections and then saying we just dodged another bullet isn’t a long-term sustainable strategy. In retrospect, it’s obvious the left would just ratchet up the fraud until they got what they wanted.

If justice prevails this time, despite the attempts by big media and big tech to suppress the truth, most of the country will be aware of the left’s criminal behavior and not let this happen again. I know that is a big if. There are no guarantees that it will turn out that way.



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