DC Swamp Pulls Yet Another “Trick” to Keep Trump Supporters Away on Jan 6th

DC Swamp Pulls Yet Another “Trick” to Keep Trump Supporters Away on Jan 6th

It appears that uber liberal Washington D.C. is doing everything in it’s power to discourage large numbers of Trump supporters from flowing in on January 6th.


Some hotels there are reportedly closing down right around the same time as droves of MAGA crowds plan to gather in the city.

From Gateway Pundit

The Hotel Harrington and its companion Harry’s Bar will close for a three day period around the January 6 pro-Trump in Washington, D.C. The move comes after the hotel was called out by local liberal activists, elected officials and the Washington Post for serving as an unofficial headquarters for the Proud Boys during recent pro-Trump marches. The hotel bar was also fined by the D.C. government for not enforcing coronavirus mask mandates on weekends when the Proud Boys were there en masse.

The hotel will close January 4,5 and 6. Harry’s Bar will close the 5th and 6th.

MORE NEWS: DC Hotels Are Sabotaging Trump Supporters on Jan 6th…But MAGA Has a “Plan B”

And now they appear to be taking it another step further with the Mayor of D.C. shutting down indoor dining.

Check it out:

The Mayor of D.C. has shut down indoor dining to prevent Trump supporters from coming on January 6th to D.C. but that won’t stop us! People are organizing food trucks. Your soviet style tactics won’t work on freedom loving American patriots.


It’s certainly curious that these two moves have come consecutively at the time that many Trump supporters are planning to visit the city.

Regardless, these measures won’t keep MAGA from showing up big time to support the president.

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