[VIDEO] Liberal Woman Explains How Her Bushy Armpit Hair is “Fighting the Patriarchy”

[VIDEO] Liberal Woman Explains How Her Bushy Armpit Hair is “Fighting the Patriarchy”

Good lord, what in the heck is going on with modern day feminists?

The “feminist movement” used to be about empowering women through their strength, but now it’s become about only our reproductive organs and body hair.


Which this video is a shining example of that as this feminist shows off her “quirky” body hair and states that it’s her way of fighting the patriarchy.


How is being too lazy to shave your body hair a symbolism of anything but personal neglect?

Check out the disturbing video here:


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Needless to say, many Twitter users had some critical words for this kook.

See when I was growing up people like this didn’t have a platform to pretend like they’re normal. The internet gave these freaks a voice and a way to see that there are a lot more like them out there now they think they’re empowered.

Don’t feed it after dark or it multiplies

She can shave her head but is to lazy to shave her pits??? It literally only takes a few seconds in the shower. ???

Making yourself unattractive to men isn’t exactly “sticking it to the patriarchy”. They don’t care. There are plenty of women who will shave. If you want to actually “F the patriarchy” then do the male dominant jobs..like, roofing, spreading asphalt, cleaning septic tanks, etc

So she shaves half the hair on her head off but refuses to touch her armpits? Make it make sense! Do these people just go out of their way to make themselves as unattractive as possible?! If so, A for effort!


In all honesty, you not shaving your pits or legs doesn’t make a difference to anyone or anything.

These are all just desperate stunts for attention.

Feminists must be really proud.

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