Graham Supports Trump Legal Team But Says ‘Doing a Video Is Not Proof’ [VIDEO]

Graham Supports Trump Legal Team But Says ‘Doing a Video Is Not Proof’ [VIDEO]

On Wednesday night, Senator Lindsey Graham showed support for Pres. Donald Trump’s legal fight in Georgia, but he also told them that they needed to get off their asses and make a strong point that they needed to show their evidence.

Graham spoke to Fox News’ Martha MacCallum about supporting Trump’s lawyer team and pushing for the election system to be changed before the runoffs. Still, he reminded the audience and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp that they have just “days” to fix the state’s mail-in voting system.


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Graham forcefully said, “To the Trump legal team, you’re making all these claims. We need to get off our asses. What I’m begging Georgia to do — I am the senate judiciary, chairman. You’re making all these claims; you’ve got to prove it. Doing a video is not proof. You need to take these claims into a court of law and get relief.”

To this point, many Trump supporters do not realize that almost all of the cases the Trump legal team has taken to court have been rejected, and that includes those that Trump appointed.




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