Ben Stiller Forced to Apologize After Mocking Janice Dean, Whose In-laws Died in an NYC Nursing Home

Ben Stiller Forced to Apologize After Mocking Janice Dean, Whose In-laws Died in an NYC Nursing Home

This is yet another classic example of why liberals need to seriously think before they make a grand political statement.

It’s really not hard, just be an adult and consider what others are going through.


Case in point: Ben Stiller was actually forced to delete an incredibly insensitive tweet that he directed at Janice Dean, who was criticizing Cuomo’s celebrity packed birthday fundraiser.

Here’s what Janice had to say about Cuomo’s birthday party, which featured Stiller:

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Stiller then issued this incredibly snarky response, which was later deleted:

“Nothing wrong with supporting a politician. As you know the current president has been soliciting hundreds of millions to overturn the election, not for COVID relief. You wrote a book about spreading sunshine apparently.. You don’t like the Governor. I do. Don’t be divisive. Bye.”

Here’s a screenshot of it:

Of course Janice Dean shot back with this response:

Then Stiller, feeling like the absolute jerk that he is, was forced to walk back his political grandstanding and issue this response:

“I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not into coming down on people. You called me out. We all are dealing with this and I believe we need to be less divisive. All the best.”


What a turd.

This is yet another example of how the left is using this virus and the deaths of Americans as a political tactic against Trump and conservatives.

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