Jenna Ellis is Now Starring Down The Election Fraud Enemy in 3 States And She’s Refusing to Blink or Backdown

Jenna Ellis is Now Starring Down The Election Fraud Enemy in 3 States And She’s Refusing to Blink or Backdown

Over the past week or so, America has been witness to a slew of bombshell hearings on election “improbabilities” and fraud in the 2020 election.


The hearings were kicked off in PA, and many people who were on the fence about the idea of “fraud” watched that hearing and walked away convinced our election was completely compromised.

And the same exact outcome happened in AZ, and now MI, which is holding hearings as we speak.

Witness after witness has come forward to share their first-hand horror stories about the 2020 election, and professional, and impartial analysts have shared their findings of improbabilities that occurred.

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Yet, even so, our mainstream media, social media, RINOs, and Dems keep asking, “where’s the evidence?”

Mind you, these are the same people who pushed an anonymous whistleblower with second-hand knowledge down our collective gullets like he was the second coming of Christ himself.

Now, suddenly, the left doesn’t care about our nation’s precious whistleblowers.

It’s all such a sham and everyone knows it, yet everyone still plays along.


Well, everyone but MAGA and Team Trump – we’re not playing these games…

And speaking of Team Trump, Jenna Ellis, who has never been one to mess around or mince words, is really taking the gloves off now.

After these bombshell hearings, Jenna has come out and put PA, AZ, and MI on serious notice by telling these states, that after everything that’s been said and done, they can’t in “good faith” move forward with their “false certifications.”

Here’s what she said: “Between Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan hearings alone, DOZENS of witnesses have come forward testifying to their first-hand accounts of the corruption and fraud in this election. None of these states can move forward in good faith with their false certifications.”

Those are powerful words, and you know for a fact that she means them.

Thank the good Lord that Trump has such fighters on his side.

Here’s a clip of Jenna battling in AZ.

There will never be anything that anyone can say or do that will convince me that Biden won the 2020 election.

He was probably the worst candidate I’ve ever seen and ran the worst campaign I’ve ever seen, with the least bit of support and excitement I’ve ever seen.

This was an epic steal, and the only way to make this right is to award the win to the man who actually won: Donald J. Trump.


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