Michigan’s Secretary of State’s Reported Ties to Chinese University and Communist Party Emerge

Michigan’s Secretary of State’s Reported Ties to Chinese University and Communist Party Emerge

What’s going on in Michigan?

It’s my state, so I am really concerned about what’s been happening.


I feel as if the state is being run by a pack of hormonal, vengeful cat ladies – and I can say that since I’m a woman.

From Governor Whitmer to her AG and her Secretary of State, it feels like the state of Michigan is more like a radical Women’s March than a state that works for everyone.

And now, we’re learning that the feminist/anti-Trump Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has reported ties to China by way of universities and lawyers within the communist party.

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From National Pulse

Benson undertook the work aiding the Chinese Communist Party while serving as the Dean of Wayne Law School in Detroit, Michigan.

Benson – who oversaw a state allegedly riddled with election fraud and told county clerks to “destroy certain election data and software” – visited China in June 2013 in an attempt to court students from Chinese Communist Party-run universities into studying at Wayne State University’s Law School.

‘Vigorous Outreach.’
Wayne State’s own website maintains the press release from 2013 which describes Benson’s efforts to link up with the Chinese Communist Party as “vigorous”:

“A growing number of students from China are expected to study at Wayne State University Law School in 2014 — a result of the school’s decision to offer a master’s degree in U.S. law and its vigorous outreach efforts to promote it.”

Benson wanted to provide individuals who could work in Chinese “government ministries involved in negotiations with the U.S.” with legal training from her Detroit-based institution:

“Wayne’s new master’s degree program in U.S. law is designed for outstanding law students from other countries. This will be an attractive program for students who seek to practice law in the United States, transnational law in their home countries, who may work in government ministries involved in negotiations with the United States, or who intend to work on advanced degrees and careers as scholars.”

Benson described the nearly week-long trip as “very productive,” and visited several Chinese law schools, one of which – China University of Political Science and Law – forged a partnership with Wayne Law that would “include an exchange of professors as well as new law students coming to Detroit to study American law.”

The piece goes on to say that Benson also appears to have lectured at Tsinghua University, the Alma Mater of authoritarian CCP leader Xi Jinping.

Xi retains a close link with the college, recently meeting with the institution’s advisory board at the CCP’s Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


Speaking to “a group of students and professors about Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission and the 2009 Supreme Court decision on election campaign funding and First Amendment rights in that case,” Benson opted to become involved with the school that churns out Chinese Communist apparatchiks.

This is very concerning, considering Benson is obstructing efforts to investigate Michigan’s election results.


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