Is This Why Biden Was Hacking Up a Lung During His ‘Speech to the Nation’?

Is This Why Biden Was Hacking Up a Lung During His ‘Speech to the Nation’?

Joe Biden’s first (and hopefully only) “address to the nation” was a disaster.


Biden l0oked gray, frail, and as if he were barely hanging on…and to make matters worse, he spent the entire speech hacking up his lungs.

Watch this compilation video showing Biden coughing:

Liberals were humiliated by Joe’s ghasstly performance – but they tried to play it off like it was just “allergies.”

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Here are some of the comments from liberals:

“Man of the people. Dealing with allergies like the rest of us”

“Post nasal drip friend! I sound the same way”

“Me too. I have allergies. Sinus problem too.”

Ha ha ha!

Can you imagine if President Trump sounded like this during a speech? The left and the fake news would have a field day…but when Biden sounds like he’s the COVID King, suddenly, everything’s okay, and he just needed a glass of water.

These people are shameless frauds.

But now, we’re hearing that someone close to Biden has just tested positive for COVID.

Turns out Biden’s “WH senior advisor” is sick.

In the statement, Team Joebama says that Cedric Richmond wasn’t “near” Biden – really? Doesn’t matter, of course they’d say that…politicians are always lying.

Has Joe been tested? Is he going to take the vaccine?

Joe Biden is a frail, shell of a man.

Even if he has COVID, we’d likely never know, and never notice.

He’s a puppet, and his strings are being pulled by the people (Obama, China) who are the real power behind this sham…Poor old dumb Joe is just a pawn nowadays. He can’t remember where he is, or what he’s doing, so he’s the perfect empty suit.


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