[VIDEO] Looks Like Joe Biden Just Gave Away The “Dem Plan” During Bizarre Interview With Jake Tapper

[VIDEO] Looks Like Joe Biden Just Gave Away The “Dem Plan” During Bizarre Interview With Jake Tapper

I don’t need to tell you that Joe Biden is an incompetent senile fool.


You saw that day after day during the campaign.

Joe Biden ran what is arguably the worst campaign in the history of US elections, yet, we’re supposed to believe that he won by a historic landslide – gaining more votes than any other presidential candidate in the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s literally the most laughable thing you’ve ever heard.

And even after that sham election is over, this empty vessel of a man is still shocking people with his bizarre and bone-chilling responses…because even though he likes to make a joke out of how he’d step aside and let Kamala “rule,” we all know if it ever came to that, he would…Biden is a puppet, and his strings are being pulled by all the handlesrs around him.

So, when Democrat lapdog and fake news peddle Jake Tapper asked him what he’d do if he ever were to disagree with Kamala, Americans looked on in shock at Biden’s response.

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Biden told Jake the Fake that he would “develop some disease and say I have to resign.”

Did Biden just give away the plan?

Yep, he sure did…

You can watch the video below:

Joe Biden has his marching orders from his handlers and he just gave away the plan…


That’s why it’s imperative that President Trump succeeds in his efforts to expose this massive voter fraud…and the good news is, the surveillance videotape in Georgia is helping him do just that.

Keep fighting, this election isn’t over.


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