[VIDEO] Biden Appeared Sickly, as He Coughs His Way Through Awkward “Speech to the Nation”

[VIDEO] Biden Appeared Sickly, as He Coughs His Way Through Awkward “Speech to the Nation”

Tonight Joe Biden “addressed the nation.”


This was supposed Joe’s big moment in the spotlight after electors met today to cast their votes.

It should be noted that several swing states, including GA, PA, NV, and others, have also sent “Trump electors,” creating what some say could be a contested election scenario down the road.

Regardless of how you slice it, we are a nation divided, with over 74 million people believing that their vote was stolen.

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Tonight, Biden took to his make-shift “President-Elect” stage and proceeded to make things worse, by basically claiming there was no validity to the questions and concerns about this election.  That was probably not the right”tone” or message to deliver at this time when emotions are so raw.

Here are a few comments on Biden’s speech:


“The gloom and doom was actually hilarious. And still with “office of President Elect” in background.”

“He’s the saddest man I’ve ever seen in my whole life. His wife literally had to come and take him off the stage. This is a sight for sore eyes”

“Creepy as hell. Felt very NWO.”

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It’s very hard for people to accept that Joe Biden won fewer counties than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton yet somehow won a historic 81 million votes.

But it wasn’t just his message that was disturbing, it was also how sickly he appeared.

Biden was barely able to get through a sentence without coughing or clearing his throat.

How many times did Biden cough?

Well, someone counted how many times he coughed – or at least they made a video montage of it…I watched this clip (I didn’t watch his speech) and it was a lot of hacking and coughing – makes you wonder – has his handler thought of giving this hacking man a COVID test?

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And the comments about him looking “sickly” are spot on. It was actually quite shocking to see.

You can watch the video below:

Many people believe that they’re watching a sickly old buffoon be “installed’ as President of the United States…and instead of our officials addressing those concerns seriously and actually investigating and going through the proper signature audits, they brushed aside Americans off and told them to move on and accept the results.


I can tell you right now, I don’t care what side of the aisle your on — that plan will not work and will lead to a lot more anger and division down the road.


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