Kayleigh McEnany Destroys Biden’s Claims of an ‘Assault’ on Our Democracy With Three Brilliant Points

Kayleigh McEnany Destroys Biden’s Claims of an ‘Assault’ on Our Democracy With Three Brilliant Points

Kayleigh McEnany has absolutely nailed it yet again.

She somehow always has a sharp, brilliant response to almost any liberal tomfoolery out there.


And this time was no exception.

McEnany was recently raging against Biden’s claims of an unprecedented assault from Trump on our democracy.

But as Kayleigh points out, he has zero room to talk on this matter.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Biden Appeared Sickly, as He Coughs His Way Through Awkward “Speech to the Nation”

Biden the great “uniter” seems to already be causing some major division on our country.

And there were lots of Twitter users who were eager to point this out:

I’m not even watching it. I will never accept him or his side kick as President. Gross.

 I can’t stomach to even watch the S.O.B.

My view: Democrats have been engaged in a bloodless coup since Trump was elected – about as divisive as you can get.

100% Correct. For four years they denied us, the American people who elected President Donald J Trump, our due Administration. They continuously hounded and obstructed the Policies we Elected Pres Trump. Then they Cheat to deny us, the American People, 2nd Trump Term.

I thought it was going to be a let’s come together speech. Wow. Just wow!


It looks like Biden is going to be fighting an uphill battle with many Americans if he truly does become president.

And speeches like this definitely aren’t going to help him.

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