[VIDEO] Here’s What Happens When a Loving Son Takes His Elderly Mom to See Xmas Lights in NYC

[VIDEO] Here’s What Happens When a Loving Son Takes His Elderly Mom to See Xmas Lights in NYC

It’s that warm and loving time of the year in New York City – the time when you take your elderly parent on a drive around the city to see the festive Christmas lights and almost die in the process…


Yep, that’s Bill de Blasio’s New “New York City,” where you can’t even *look* at things from inside your car without risking life and limb.

Here’s what the tweets said:

“NYC is magical this time of year”


“The BMW driver was reportedly taking his elderly mother to see Christmas lights in Manhattan. The group on bikes were clinging to the car to catch a ride. The driver hit the brakes, causing 1 bicyclist to crash. That’s what apparently sparked the attack.”

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You can watch the videos below:

Can you imagine anyone looking at this clip, or any of the other countless violent videos coming out of NYC, and thinking “Yeah, I want to spend my vacation there…’? Of course not, this once-amazing city is on its way to becoming a complete and total wasteland thanks to the so-called “leadership” from Democrats like Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo.


Businesses are closing up, crime is soaring, and the communist inmates are running the asylum….welcome to NYC…yet another big American city destroyed by the cruddy and unruly liberal aegnda.


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