OANN Reporter Jack Posobiec Connects Dots Between Antifa Violence and 2020 Election Plot 

OANN Reporter Jack Posobiec Connects Dots Between Antifa Violence and 2020 Election Plot 

From May all through the summer, America sat and watched in horror as far-left anarchist groups burned the country down in the name of “civil rights.”


BLM and Antifa took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd and all hell broke loose.

There were riots, fires, beatings, even murder – and through it all – for three long months, Dems sat silent. But worse than just silence, they actually supported and celebrated the protests.

VP candidate Kamala Harris even promoted a “bail fund” that helped put the violent protesters back onto the streets.

It was a shocking and frightening look into the violent left-wing.

Americans also watched what happened if they stood up for themselves or fought back against the angry and violent mob – they were the ones punished.

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Look what happened to the McCloskey’s whose St. Louis home was overrun by an angry mob. They said the mob threatened to kill them and their dog and burn down their house. The armed couple stood outside with their weapons protecting their home, and yet they ended up charged with felonies, not the mob.

The message was sent loud and clear: the violent liberal mob had all the power and could do whatever the hell they wanted, but you couldn’t even defend yourself.

And now OANN’s reporter Jack Posobiec has put the puzzle pieces together and he believes it was all by design.

He came to this conclusion because he’s hearing from state reps that they’re scared to do anything about the 2020 election sham for fear that Antifa will come after them and their families.

Can you blame these people? They don’t want to have a firebomb thrown through their living room window while the kids are watching Disney Plus.

Jack says that’s why Biden and Kamala protected them.

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Here’s what he said: “State reps are saying they want to do something about our broken election but are afraid Antifa will come after their families This is why Biden and Kamala protect them Spent 4 years warning this would happen”

Jack is an expert on Antifa, so I take what he says very seriously.

As a matter of fact, he has a movie out on that very subject. It’s a comprehensive deep-dive into the far-left world of communist Antifa.


It’s well done, and very informative, trust me you’ll learn something new – and as I always say, you can’t fight your enemy unless you know your enemy.

You can watch the movie here.


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