One Fed-Up Trump Supporter Has a Plan to Increase His Piddly $600 “Stimulus”

One Fed-Up Trump Supporter Has a Plan to Increase His Piddly $600 “Stimulus”

I don’t know if I’d call $600 bucks a “stimulus.”


Now, don’t get me wrong, I was raised to understand and respect the value of a dollar, and $600 dollars can make a big difference in someone’s life…But in this case, that amount is a slap in the face to so many people.

I can tell you that the mood online is hostile. People are absolutely furious over this latest stimulus package and the last one $600 allocated for some Americans after all our government has put us through with the absurd lockdowns and the fake election.

People are at their wit’s end.

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And then come to find out, our government is still giving bazillions away to foreign country’s, even while Americans are suffering and struggling, barely able to stay afloat as Dems and China work to cripple our economy with COVID restrictions.

Check this out:

It was almost 6K pages long, and nobody who voted ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on this bill read it.

That’s how little they respect us or their job.

We’re paying these people a full paycheck, and they’re not even doing their jobs.


But this is the kicker.

Look how much money foreign countries are getting, while we get a lousy $600 bucks after all we’ve gone through.

Based on this, one fed-up Trump supporter came up with a “plan” to increase his “stimulus” check…it might be the only way that we can actually get our money back from the government.

“If you take that $600 and spend it on a plane ticket to Sudan you can pick up the rest of your stimulus there”

It’s sarcastic, but it’s poignant, right?

This is the sad state of affairs we’re in.

We have a government that has gone completely rogue and wild.


They no longer represent us. They lie, cheat, and steal from us, and they’re literally trying to destroy us with lockdowns over a virus that has a 99.8+ survival rate.

What the heck is going on?

At what point do we say “enough is enough” and finally push back and take control of this ship before it goes completely under?


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