REPORT: MI City Clerk Facing 6 Felony Counts of Voter Fraud Still on Payroll With No Court Date in Sight

REPORT: MI City Clerk Facing 6 Felony Counts of Voter Fraud Still on Payroll With No Court Date in Sight

According to reports, a city clerk in Southfield, MI is facing six felony counts of voter fraud from a case in 2018.

That’s right, this case is from 2 years ago and we’re just starting to hear about it now.


The clerks charges include falsifying returns/record, forgery of a public record, misconduct in office and quite a few others all during the 2018 general election.

From Detroit News

A Southfield city clerk was bound over for trial on six felonies involving falsifying absentee ballot records in 2018, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office said Thursday.

Southfield Clerk Sherikia Hawkins is alleged to have altered 193 qualified voter file records  during the 2018 general election.

“The voters of our state deserve a process that is unobstructed,” said Attorney General Dana Nessel in a news release. “That is why I am committed to doing everything in my power to protect our elections from every conceivable threat. The foundation of our democracy depends on it.”

Hawkins, 38, faces up to 48 years if convicted of all six felonies, which include election law – falsifying returns/records; forgery of a public record; misconduct in office; and three counts of using a computer to commit a crime involving falsifying returns/records, forgery of a public record and misconduct in office.

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And according to what’s even more disturbing is that this woman is still the cities official clerk, which 100% Fed Up discovered by directly speaking with Southfield City offices.

From 100% Fed Up

Sherikia Hawkins, to her credit, did return our call.  However, she refused to comment on the status of her case because it is still ongoing, except to state that she is waiting to see if a judge will rule to dismiss her case and did not know when her next court date would occur.  When asked if she participated in this election, she said “I did not.”

When we spoke with officials in the Southfield City offices, they explained to us that Sherikia is still the official city clerk, despite the dramatic election fraud allegations against her that have not yet been resolved. They allege that the recent 2020 election was overseen by the Deputy City Clerk, Nicole Humphries.  They say Ms. Humphries was the acting city clerk during elections and that Sherikia was not involved.


Well it’s certainly horrifying to know that not only did this occur, but it still hasn’t been heard in a court.

And that they state is still employing this woman.

What the heck are they doing over there?

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