Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Has One Very Tricky Question for the GOP Senate, and It’s Already Gone Viral…

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Has One Very Tricky Question for the GOP Senate, and It’s Already Gone Viral…


Good news, one day after Tom Fitton asked this question we got an answer.

Next week Senator Ron Johnson will hold a hearing in the Senate on 2020 election fraud. 

Let’s face it, the GOP sucks.

I know we’ve all known this for quite some time, but only recently – with this election sham – are we really getting the full picture of how bad they really are.


When this election farce first happened the GOP were quiet as church mice. I mean, if you looked at them you’d think all we had was a pack of gum stolen, not our vote.

They were nowhere – and I mean NOWHERE to be found.

Only after Sidney Powell and Lin Wood starting raising hell did you see a few step up and speak out.

But it’s been much too little and way too late.

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So, that’s why when “Judicial Watch” President Tom Fitton asked the senate this very prickly question, he and the rest of us already know the answer.

Here’s what he wondered: “Why hasn’t the Senate held emergency hearings on the election crisis?”

And the answer is: because all of them would prefer Biden as president.


There has to be a day of reckoning coming for these GOP turncoats.

In 2018, a bunch of these traitors retired from the House all at once to give Dems the edge, and thanks to ballot harvesting, it worked and they took over the House.

And now, in 2020, the GOP did the same thing – they never fought for changes to Big Tech, who led the way in the 2020 coup, and when it all went down, the GOP was quiet and didn’t lift a finger to help us or Trump.


They’ve been plotting this move since the day Trump took office.

We need to stop reelecting all the “Tim Scotts” and the “Lindsey Grahams,” and all of these other globalists who never truly embraced the America First movement.

We need to ban together and send a message to the entire GOP that we’re running the show, and cut them all off at the political knees.


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