Nevada Judge Just Told Trump’s Legal Team They Can Inspect Clark County Voting Equipment

Nevada Judge Just Told Trump’s Legal Team They Can Inspect Clark County Voting Equipment

Team Trump has been fighting like heck to make this happen.


The Trump legal team has been trying to get their hands on the Clark County voting machines in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The order comes down from a district court judge in Carson City, NV, and will now allow Team Trump (and Biden’s team was also granted same access if they want it…maybe they want to take a look at their “dirty work?”)

There is a very limited window to inspect the machines.

From Just the News

Adistrict court judge in Carson City, Nevada, will allow President Trump and Joe Biden’s campaigns to review tests results from voting equipment used in Clark County.

On Monday, Judge James T. Russell granted a motion from President Trump’s reelect campaign that will allow attorneys for the campaign to inspect a sealed container of test results for the equipment used in the Nov. 3 election. It is unclear whether the attorneys will have access to the actual equipment or just the test results inside the sealed container.

The judge ordered that the request must be accommodated by 1 p.m. Pacific time on Tuesday.

In a Monday night tweet, the president mentioned the judge’s order, tagging former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, and former Attorney General of Nevada Adam Laxalt.

All three men have spearheaded the president’s post-election ground game in Nevada.

Judge Russell is also set to hold a hearing Thursday pertaining to the Trump campaign’s effort to contest the results of the election.

Nevada has six electoral votes that are presently set to be cast for Democrat Joe Biden when the electors meet on December 14.

I understand that this feels really disheartening and cruddy at times, but these are the moments when we must fight hardest.

The media, led by the turncoats over at Fox News are trying to “install” a fake president, and they’re running a lot of propaganda to help make that happen.

Do not believe them.

Tune out those lies, turn off the media (especially Fox News) and keep fighting.


What can you do to fight?

Share information, crush their narrative, call your state and local reps and demand they investigate the 2020 election and back up President Trump.

Fight for Trump, your vote, your country, and fight for your family by letting your voice be heard loud and clear.

Never submit or surrender.

It will get darker before the dawn.


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