[VIDEO] Trump’s Legal Team Just Made a Clever, Bold New Legal Move in GA

[VIDEO] Trump’s Legal Team Just Made a Clever, Bold New Legal Move in GA

Team Trump just made a clever legal move in Georgia.


By now you likely know who Matt Braynard is…He’s the former Trump campaign official turned “election investigator” who started the Voter Integrity Project or “VIP” to try and unravel this massive election fraud mess created by the Dems and their buddies.

Matt has spoken before the Arizona election integrity hearing and also one in GA.

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He actually went on to file a hot lawsuit in GA, which Team Trump has just very smartly joined.

OANN’s Chanel Rion got all the goods on the latest move.

You can watch the video below:

The frustrating part in all of this is how witness after witness has come forward to share their first-hand horror stories about the 2020 election, and professional, and impartial analysts have shared their findings of improbabilities that occurred.

Yet, even so, our mainstream media, social media, RINOs, and Dems keep asking, “where’s the evidence?”


Mind you, these are the same people who pushed an anonymous whistleblower with second-hand knowledge down our collective gullets like he was the second coming of Christ himself.

Now, suddenly, the left doesn’t care about our nation’s precious whistleblowers.

It’s all such a sham and everyone knows it, yet everyone still plays along.

Thank goodness Team Trump is still fighting this battle, because we know the GOP isn’t.


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