[VIDEO] #WalkAway Founder Shares Video of Trump Supporters Pushing Back in DC — Says “Nice Time is Over”

[VIDEO] #WalkAway Founder Shares Video of Trump Supporters Pushing Back in DC — Says “Nice Time is Over”

Trump supporters sat back for months while the violent left burned our cities to the ground.


We always believed in justice and the rule of law.

And what did that get us?

We have a DOJ that refuses to do anything, and even covers up for the lawless and criminal Biden family, and allows violent ANTIFA and BLM to run amuck, bullying and intimidating decent, law-abiding Americans, and scaring the crap out of GOP legislatures, who are afraid to stand up for truth, for fear their homes will be fire-bombed by these lunatics.

Just look what happened to the McCloskey’s who were targeted and threatened by these bullies and thugs…yet, they were the ones arrested when they simply defended their home.

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The left is playing a dirty, dirty game and there are no rules in their game – so many now believe the only option left is either meet them on their playing field and beat them there, or surrender everything we hold dear.

That’s the message from #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka.

He shared a video of a clash between Trump supporters and BLM/ANTIFA bad guys and said this: “GET ROWDY GUYS!!!! Nice time is OVER.”

You can watch the video below:


You hate to see this happen – this divide – but just look at what the globalists and China are doing to this country.

They’re literally “installing” a president that nobody legally voted for. The evidence of a sham election is everywhere – hundreds of witnesses who submitted sworn oaths, countless tests on voting machine that show “irregularities,” and don’t get me started on the actions from these so-called “election officials,” who just decided to stop counting when Trump was ahead and then magically “found” thousands of votes for Biden.

The American people are not stupid.


And what is the answer to these cries of “fraud” from 74+million Americans?

Nothing. Everyone is just ignoring it and telling us to “move on.”

I don’t think that’s going to happen…and they’re clueless fools if they think Trump will just slink off into the night.


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