[VIDEO] Man Shares New Stunning Camera Angle of Joe’s Bizarre “Inauguration”

[VIDEO] Man Shares New Stunning Camera Angle of Joe’s Bizarre “Inauguration”

In all my years of watching politics and blogging about it, I’ve never seen anything more bizarre and creepy than Joe Biden’s North Korea-style “inauguration.”


It was by far the weirdest, most un-American thing I’ve ever watched unfold – and to make matters more ghoulish, it came on the heels of the most sketchy election in United States history.

A major chunk of the country believes that their voice and their vote was stolen from them…and right after that nightmare unfolds, we all watch this dystopian/communist-like ceremony take place with hordes of military soldiers “occupying” DC.

It was un-American and uncomfortable to watch.

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Now, there’s a new camera angle to see it from – which really makes this bizarre ceremony look like a creep-fest.

The view is from a distance – the “long shot” where the media was hunkered down.

The video shows how few people were actually there…shocking, actually…and it really gives off a “Hunger Games on steroids” kinda vibe.

You can watch the video below:

We all know that Biden was “scaling back” his festivities, supposedly due to “COVID.” That’s fine, but with 35K troops that we all saw stationed there for a week, you really got a feeling that more people were attending than this.


In reality, I could have probably kept that small crowd “secure,” for crying out loud.

Actually seeing it from this angle really has an impact and just further solidifies that this was the oddest and creepy “transfer of power” in our nation’s history.


Of course, the 2016 transfer was also creepy and unprecedented – we just didn’t get to see it unfold on video.


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