President Trump Just Came Through For The Troops Yet Again…

President Trump Just Came Through For The Troops Yet Again…

Americans were scared, creeped out, and disgusted by Biden’s North Korea-style “inauguration.”


DC looked like a dystopian wasteland or a scene straight out of the “Hunger Games.”

And for what?

Why on earth did he need some 30K troops?

Nobody can answer that, since the FBI reported that there was no credible threat.

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Obviously, Biden was using them to do a “Kim Jong Un flex.” He wanted to show us “scary” MAGA “terrorists” the mighty war machine at his disposal.

Also, the Dems wanted some good photo ops, too.

Nancy Pelosi made sure to get lost of pics ‘leading” the troops.

Right…some shaky, boozed-up lady with lipstick all over her teeth commanding military – welcome to Biden’s America.

But right after the photo-ops and the installation “inauguration” was over, the troops were booted from the Capitol building where they had been sleeping and were sent to a cold yuky parking garage.

Look at the photos below:

Americans were outraged.

The Dems used the troops as pawns in some gross power stunt, and then when they’re done with them, they throw them away like garbage?


But fear not, President Trump has a solution to the problem.


According to OANN, President Trump has offered to allow the Troops to stay at his DC hotel.

Amazing…Now THAT is leadership.

Newsmax reported last night that many of the troops were furious and hurt by the treatment they received from “Team Biden.”

It’s disgusting, but not surprising.


The ruling political elite has such contempt for the military, that’s why they think nothing of it to send them into so many pointless wars.


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