[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Terrance Williams Just Asked Million-Dollar Question About Joe’s “80 Bazillion” Voters….

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Terrance Williams Just Asked Million-Dollar Question About Joe’s “80 Bazillion” Voters….

Remember back n 20126 when President Trump won the White House?


It was like a wild celebration. You could feel the energy just flowing through the nation. People were celebrating, speaking out, and showing their support.

Heck, the lead up to the 2020 election was even wilder than that with support for President Trump. He was (and is) a political rockstar…and when you reach that status, it shows.

It always shows…always.

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So, with that said, why don’t we ever see any support for Joe Biden?

If Trump was a rockstar with 75+ million votes, then surely Joe Biden is a PLATINUM rockstar with his 82+ million votes, right? I mean that some big-time historical stuff, right?

That’s bigger than Obama…it’s a “hope and change” moment of epic proportions…yet when you look around it feels more like a funeral. Nobody’s making a sound…except maybe some cries of regret.

Where is all the excitement and the energy?

That’s what Trump supporter Terrance Williams wants to know…and honestly, it’s the “million-dollar” question.


Here’s what he said in a tweet: “IM REALLY CONCERNED! I’m concerned about the 80 Million people who voted for Joe Biden. Why are they quiet? Why are they not excited like we were when President Trump won in 2016? We Celebrate for 4years! FISHY RIGHT ??? ”

You can watch the video below:

They expect us to believe that the reason we don’t see anyone “celebrating” is because of COVID.

While I will admit, Biden’s base is “COVID Crazy” there are plenty of other ways to show your excitement and none of that is happening.


I stumbled upon this today online. Look how many followers the most historic and popular candidate of our lifetime has after 1 week in office:

6.6 million followers after 1 entire week in office…

Things that make you go “hmmm, this doesn’t add up….” right?




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