Many Say Odd-Looking “Conservative” Flyer Looks Like Proof Of Another “False Flag”

Many Say Odd-Looking “Conservative” Flyer Looks Like Proof Of Another “False Flag”

There’s a rumor going around that “armed protests” are being plotted by MAGA across all 50 states.


I’ve been a part of MAGA for 5 or so years now, and I think I’m pretty well-connected, yet, I’ve heard absolutely nothing about any protests, armed or otherwise.

Not a single solitary peep.

But, the corrupt and disgraced FBI claims this is happening and is now sending out all sorts of “alerts.”

It really plays in well to the Dems “insurrection” narrative. Nicely done, and perfect timing guys.

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Here’s what conservative podcaster Matt Couch had to say about these so-called protests:

“There are NO Conservative groups hosting armed rallies at ANY Capitol in ANY state or the U.S. Capitol from January 16th-20th.. These are False Flag Events scheduled by the left. DO NOT ATTEND THEM… This is a SET UP! DO NOT GO…”

I agree, with Matt, the moment I saw this I thought it sounded really screwy and fishy.

But imagine what I thought when I saw the FLYER that was supposedly designed by “conservative patriots” for this so-called “protest.”

It literally looks like something straight out of the Antifa playbook.


Here’s what former Green Beret Robert Patrick Lewis had to say about this ridiculous flyer.

“Notice the colors, font and language. This was not made by a conservative group. Someone’s planning a massive false flag event.”

Check it out:

As a graphic designer, I can tell you with almost absolute certainty, that no conservative anywhere would ever design a flyer like this, nor would they use wording this way, or hand-drawn “Pentagram” stars for crying out loud.


This is a total deep fake through and through and nobody should attend this nonsense.

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