[VIDEO] Watch How Democrats Commit Blasphemy On House Floor During Opening Prayer

[VIDEO] Watch How Democrats Commit Blasphemy On House Floor During Opening Prayer

Yes, we’re governed by idiots, but when it comes to Dems, we’re also governed by demons.


Democrats, the political party that booed God, are back at it – mocking the Lord and committing blasphemy on the House floor.

You know, “the usual.” 

It happened during the opening prayer, when a man, who I am told is Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, a Democrat (of course) from Missouri and an actual United Methodist pastor, showed what a clueless fool he is by thinking the word ‘Amen’ is gender-specific.

The word Amen is Latin and it means “let it be done.” Contrary to demonic Dems it doesn’t mean “a men.”

But this pastor apparently isn’t up on his “Latin.”

So, to solve this big gender problem, the WOKE pastor decided to commit blasphemy and closed the prayer with “amen” and “awoman.”

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No, we’re serious…

You can watch the video below:

There is nothing these Dems won’t do to push their twisted and warped agenda – even committing blasphemy and disrespecting Christians and God.

Everything is a launching pad for their progressive ideology – but I wonder, would the Dems change the word to an Islamic prayer, since many Islamic countries still treat women like second-class citizens?


Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that.


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