Furious Tomi Lahren Just Drilled Final Nail Into GOP’s Political Coffin 

Furious Tomi Lahren Just Drilled Final Nail Into GOP’s Political Coffin 

It’s getting harder and harder to describe the seething anger and loathing that I have for the GOP.


Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever despised a political party more than the one I’ve called “home” since I was 18-years-old.

Heck, when I was in high school (and part of my college years) I was a member of the “Young Republicans.” I was a gungho GOP girl.

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I grew up in a Republican house, with staunchly conservative parents, and I raised my daughter with the same values…

And now, here I sit, struggling to explain to you how much I despise these Republican crapweasles.

The GOP’s arrogance, elitism, and utter disregard and contempt for the bulk of their base are jawdropping. They’re literally committing political suicide right now. They actually started destroying themselves a while ago, but Trump came in and saved them.

But they’re too arrogant and stupid to realize it.


So, the GOP worked with Dems and China to remove the only president who ever truly gave a dam about the American people, and when they succeeded at that – by rigging a US election, they couldn’t just walk away.


Now, they’re trying to impeach him with just days left in office – and as with the election and everything else, this is absolutely positively unforgivable.

And I think conservative pundit Tomi Lahren put it best when she said this:

“I trust Demccorats more than fake conservatives.”

I couldn’t agree with her more.


I don’t trust Dems, but at the very least, I know where they stand, and they’re proud to be anti-American scumbuckets.

The GOP on the other hand, are backstabbing liars, who think their voters are fools.

None of this has been easy – we’ve lost some major battles, but the war isn’t over – and I think one thing we all need to get 100 percent on board with is removing these traitors from office. A whopping 95 percent of the GOP needs to go. They’ve hung us out to dry when it comes to social media – they had 4 years to do something about big tech tyrants, but they did NOTHING.

The GOP is weak and sides with the left more than their own voters.

They do not represent us…so we need to remove them from their posts.


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