Hillary Was Just Begging to Get Ridiculed With Her Latest Absurd 2020 Election Statement

Hillary Was Just Begging to Get Ridiculed With Her Latest Absurd 2020 Election Statement

When will Hillary learn to keep her big bazoo out of everyone’s business?


It never ends well for her – yet she keeps doing it. It’s almost like she’s a glutton for punishment and online humiliation…Kind of like her dopey kid who always steps in it, too.

So, you’re probably wondering what Hildabeast did this time…Well, honestly, this could be Hillary’s dumbest comment yet, and that’s saying a lot because she says a lot of stupid stuff.

Basically, she was just begging to mocked for this doozy of a comment. You read it and think, “My God, this woman has zero self-awareness.”

Here’s what she had the audacity to say:

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“What we’re seeing right now is a president with nothing left to lose and only one goal—to distract people from the fact that he lost. He doesn’t care that the costs are America’s health, security, and our very democracy.”

I mean, can you believe it?

This is the woman who spent the past 4 years blubbering over her loss, blaming everyone but herself and the woman who got people killed in Libya and then lied about it.

So much for “gracious losing” and “security” right?

It’s utterly remarkable that she has the gall to even type those words.

And trust me, she got pummeled big time online. It was brutal and neverending.

Here are just a few of the comments:

“But, unlike you, he got elected president. You will never, ever be able to say you were the president.”

“You are the last person who should be speaking about Americas health , security or democracy.”

“You spent four years blaming Russia for your (actual) loss. Now you mysteriously do not wish to investigate claims of election issues. HMMMMM”

“As I remember it you’re the one who suggested never conceding under any circumstances.”

“You’re really the last person that should be chiming in on this topic.”

“Mrs. Clinton, all you have ever coveted is power.”

“vince foster says hi”

“Where is Huma?”

“It must really bother you to know that your own party didn’t cheat enough for you to win in 2016!”

“One word for you Benghazi”

“Sounds like your scared”

“He did not lose hillary, and you know that!”

“You spent 4 years in and out of a forest because you couldn’t handle your epic and humiliating loss, you old weather-beaten Seahag.” 

Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of a clueless and unlikeable elite who has no idea what people really think of her.


But the best news is that no matter what happens in life, Hillary Clinton will never be anyone’s president, and that’s an amazing realization.


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