Hate is Powerful: Shocking Transformation of CNN’s Jake Tapper in Just 4-Short-Years (Photos)

Hate is Powerful: Shocking Transformation of CNN’s Jake Tapper in Just 4-Short-Years (Photos)

In just 4 short years, Jake Tapper has gone from looking like a happy/fresh-faced newsman to a sickly, angry, draw, tired, depressed mess.


Four years is not that long in the scheme of things – sure, you can expect some aging, but that’s not a big deal, aging isn’t “ugly,” but hate sure is.

And that’s what many people are questioning in this shocking transformation of CNN’s top hate-peddler, Jake Tapper.

Can hate literally eat away at you and turn you into an absolute shell of who you once were?

I’d say yes.

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Is this the side effect of Trump Derangement Syndrome – a dark, drawn, and depressing existence that you wear on your face day in and day out?

Take a look at the photos below and decide for yourself.

Tapper has been on a hate rampage lately – he attacked an amputee vet, and questioned his US patriotism – a man who sits behind a desk all day peddling some of the fakest propaganda news in the world has the audacity to question a man’s patriotism who went and fought for his country and lost his legs?


I mean, that’s some next-level type of hate and darkness, right?

It literally looks like Jake is wearing his TDS on his face.

Here are just a few of the responses to these shocking images:

“Is that anger or meth? Holy smokes, check his teeth!”

“I know….. TDS has really aged him’

“That’s just 4 years? Wow.”

Let’s hope Jake has an epiphany or his friends and family stage an intervention (if they’re still TDS-free) because this isn’t normal.


As much as I disliked Obama – and I disklike him a lot – I never allowed it to alter my personality or corrupt my soul..and the same will apply with that senile and illegitimate buffoon Biden.

But these crazy liberals have allowed “Trump” to destroy them from the inside out.


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