Biden Was Just Put On Notice By 5 Republican AG’s Who Are Watching His Every Move

Biden Was Just Put On Notice By 5 Republican AG’s Who Are Watching His Every Move

Grab your seat and your popcorn, because the “legal fireworks” are about to get started.


And no, I don’t mean the colorful type you see on the 4th of July. I’m talking about the type of legal wranglings that made things very difficult for President Trump.

If there’s one thing I will say about the left, they know how to fight, and they used the judiciary and activist judges as weapons the entire four years President Trump was in office.

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Well, it looks like the tables are about to turn on Biden.

He’s already faced a lawsuit from Texas over his illegal immigration move. A judge halted Biden’s plans to stop deportations.

Now, a group of five Republican AG’s just put Biden on notice.


They sent him a letter saying they’re watching his every move and they will challenge him.


Several attorneys general around the nation, including Mississippi’s Lynn Fitch, are challenging President Biden not to overstep his bounds under his oath of office.
Fitch signed a letter sent to President Joe Biden on Wednesday saying that any potentially unconstitutional executive actions or federal overreach will not go unchallenged.

The letter opens by saying, “Dear President Biden, one week ago you assumed the presidency of the United States of America, and took the oath of office. You swore to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. Today, we write to you in our capacity as State Attorneys General, regarding areas of vital importance to our States as you execute your job in the days and months ahead.”

The letter is also signed by the AG’s of West Virginia, Arkansas, Indiana, Montana, and Texas.

It also goes on to say, “any actions that might exceed their statutory authority, are inconsistent with constitutional tenets or place civil liberties at risk could trigger legal action by the states.”

The attorneys make it clear they accept the responsibility to challenge any of the president’s unconstitutional laws in court.

Turnabout is fair play, and this is the only way that the right has to stop Joe and his EO bonanza from hell.

He’s already signed more EO’s in one a week than the last 4 presidents combined signed in the same amount of days.

For four long years, the left told us that signing EO’s was akin to governing as a “dictator.”


What makes it all the more puzzling is that Joe has both houses at the moment. Why doesn’t he pass laws?

It’s because Dems hold such slim majorities in both chambers –  he’d never get his radical agenda through.

So, instead of compormising and putting forth a plan that the American people can at least be a part of, Joe has become the Eo in Chief.

You can read the full letter sent to Joe here.


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