Good People of Wyoming and State GOP Make It Clear to Liz Cheney That Her Political Clear is Toast

Good People of Wyoming and State GOP Make It Clear to Liz Cheney That Her Political Clear is Toast

Neocon warmonger and establishment goon Liz Cheney committed political suicide yesterday when she led a team of 9 other GOP traitors to vote to impeach President Trump just days before he is set to leave office.


Here are the 10 traitors who ended their political careers by voting to impeach President Trump:

Well, now, Liz’s chickens are coming home to roost.

The good people of Wyoming and the state GOP are pissed and they’re sending a message to Liz that basically says her political career is over.

Here’s the statement from the Wyoming GOP:

The wind in Wyoming has been horrendous today—with gusts up to 65 miles per hour. That is nothing compared to the whirlwind created by Representative Cheney’s announcement that she would be voting to impeach President Trump, and her subsequent follow-through of doing just that.

There has not been a time during our tenure when we have seen this type of an outcry from our fellow Republicans, with the anger and frustration being palpable in the comments we have received. Our telephone has not stopped ringing, our email is filling up, and our website has seen more traffic than at any previous time. The consensus is clear that those who are reaching out to the Party vehemently disagree with Representative Cheney’s decision and actions.

Considering the overwhelming interest in this issue the Wyoming Republican Party leadership felt that it was important to share with Representative Cheney the nature of the comments and outcry we have received.

By announcing her decision to vote for impeachment Representative Cheney denied President Trump due process; she judged the “evidence” before it was presented and refused to listen to the arguments made.
Wyoming voted for the reelection of President Trump by a margin of 70% to 30%. 195,000 Wyomingites voted for President Trump. Representative Cheney is in Washington, DC to represent Wyoming’s interest, not the interest of the beltway elites.
President Trump did not incite anyone to riot. Read the transcript of what he said and watch the video.
We have watched the leftists and progressives in this country riot, burn, kill, maim, loot and destroy cities and communities for 7 months, often with Democrat leaders egging them on, bailing them out and refusing to condemn their actions.

Representative Cheney has aligned herself with leftists who are screaming that what happened last Wednesday is the “worst thing ever in our history” (or similar such claims). That is absurd and shows their lack of knowledge of history as well as their willingness to skew the facts to further their corrupt agenda.
The Democrats are using this to smear the entire conservative movement and all Republicans. By voting to impeach, Representative Cheney is helping them in that effort.

Wyoming’s way of life and our entire economic future is under attack. We count on our elected officials to protect us. This move to impeach President Trump shows that we have a real reason to fear what is going to happen under the Biden administration.

This move to impeach President Trump makes it that much more difficult for our country to solve the serious problems we have, including Chinese and Iranian aggression, our overwhelming debt, and the catastrophic response to covid19.

These are only some of the themes of the comments we have received. We as a Party respect our elected officials and assume that they will respect and represent their constituents. We are receiving the message loud and clear that what happened yesterday is a true travesty for Wyoming and the country.

Liz Cheney’s career is over. And good riddance to bad, old-guadd rubbish.


Once again, the idiots within the GOP establishment fails to read the room correctly.

These idiots depend on fake news and fake polls to determine the mood of the country instead of speaking directly to their constituents and that always backfires.


Liz has no place in the Republican Paty – she represents years of death, pointless wars, and lies to the American people from her father and the Bush administration.



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