New GOP Firecracker Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Bulldozed Over Congress and Media Like a Boss

New GOP Firecracker Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Bulldozed Over Congress and Media Like a Boss

Let me start by saying we need MORE MARJORIE’S in Congress.


This woman is a firecracker and is popping off on everyone.

The GA Rep just got to the Swamp and she’s already making so many Red Waves – it’s glorious.

It all started today when Marjorie refused to wear a mask on the House floor. It ended up in a massive shouting-match and her storming off.

Love it!

Here are details:

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“Newly sworn in Congresswoman, @mtgreenee, just refused to put on a facemask in Congress and it started a shouting match. The rebellion starts now.”

She’s gutsy and bold, and is ready to take on the establishment – and that’s precisely what we need.

But, it gets better…

NBC’s Jake Sherman reported on the House floor mask incident. Here’s what he said:

“2 new Republicans — including @mtgreenee— are being told by House floor staff that they have to put their masks on. as of now, they seem to be telling the floor staff that they will not put it on. Taylor Greene is leaving the floor with the other R, who were trying to ID”

But it’s Marjorie’s response that should win her some kind of award for “Greatest Comeback Ever.”


What a delightful breath of fresh air Majorie is and I gave a feeling this isn’t the lasts we’ll see of her…


I think she’ll be giving lots of people on the right and the left a run for their globalist money.


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