[VIDEO] Check Out This Creepy Nightmare Scene Unfolding at The Nation’s Capitol

[VIDEO] Check Out This Creepy Nightmare Scene Unfolding at The Nation’s Capitol

If you want to see what a dystopian nightmare look at this what’s happening at the US Capitol.


You’d think the was a nuclear attack at the place, not a couple of busted windows and some yahoos taking selfies.

I’m not saying bum-rushing any building is a good idea, but we should keep things in perspective.

If you’ve ever watched South Park, you’ll recall how in nearly every show the townspeople always go completely bonkers and overreact to everything and go to the most absurd extremes.

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That’s what it feels like we’re living in right now — an episode of South Park where everyone has lost their marbles.

Just the other day AOC said half of Congress nearly died. That’s not true – but the one unarmed Trump supporter who did die, shouldn’t have, but nobody is talking about her.

Now, the Nation’s Capitol looks and sounds like something out of a creepy dystopian movie.

Watch this video and tell me this doesn’t look more like the scene of a Hollywood movie, than a shot of DC.

You can watch the video below:


Anytime you have a large number of angry and fed-up people, something bad is bound to happen, and our government has not handled a lot of things the right way lately, and because of that, they’ve added fuel to an already raging bonfire.


Now, Dems and many in the GOP are behaving as if “MAGA” is the new ISIS…they have the audacity to peddle this narrative after we all sat and watched three months of riots, where over 2o people died – and Dems were quiet as church mice through most of it.

Now, they’re trying to impeach President Trump, claiming he incited an insurrection, but these same people have nothing to say about Kamala Harris promoting a bail fund that put a child sex abusing protester back on the streets, among other dregs of humanity.


The hypocrisy from the left is yet another issue that is creating angst and anger with the American people. Can you blame them?


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