[VIDEO] NFL Just Unleashed This Shameful Stunt During “Touchdowns” to Attract Viewers

[VIDEO] NFL Just Unleashed This Shameful Stunt During “Touchdowns” to Attract Viewers

The NFL ratings keep slipping.

After the George Floyd riots, sports got super-duper “wokified” and everyone was taking knees, raising fists, and writing “BLM” on every available surface.


All of the stuff that Americans have said over and over and over that they don’t want to see as part of their “sports viewing.”

But do these progressive pukes listen?

Of course not…because it’s not about YOUR viewing experience, it’s about THEIR power.

So, the regular season ratings were down 7% from last year.

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The NFL will tell you that’s because of COVID, or something like that because they can’t admit that progressive ideas are unpopular.

But they are – and that’s why people are tuning out.

And while 7% may not seem like a lot (it actually is) what’s even more worrisome for the NFL is how they’re going to build their fan base for the future when there’s a bunch of Dad’s who are tuning out, and America is now raising the most effeminate “men” in the world.

So, I guess that explains the desperate stunts they’re now putting on during the games – and in this case, during the touchdowns.

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The NFL has taken this once great and well-respected American pastime and turned it into a total joke…a “slimy” joke to be more specific.

Check out what they’re doing during the touchdowns.

You can watch the video below:

Nothing says “burly manly sports” like getting slimed Nickalodean style…good Lord.

Here are some of the comments:

“When I was a kid I watched Brett Favre cuss out his receivers on live tv. Today’s kids are watching end zone slime cams.”

“Quit trying to get kids into the game by using “Slime” … show them the game by taking them out back and pancaking them.”

“I’ve been a lifelong CBS fan since 1929 and I can say this is the most embarrassing moment of my life. I’m ashamed to be a CBS user right now so I’m turning in my CBS cable. Goodbye CBS. I won’t miss you. I’m going to Nickelodeon where they know how to run a football game.”

“This couldn’t be more dumb. Watch a normal football game or don’t.”

“C’mon….in the NFL???”

“The NFL has reached a new low”


This is the NFL trying to appeal to the “feminist” men out there, and it’s really pathetic.

Sports should be immune to this garbage. This is exactly why we never wanted “social justice” in our sports. It destroys everything it touches.

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