Parler CEO Forced to Grab His Family and Flee His Home

Parler CEO Forced to Grab His Family and Flee His Home

This is what happens when you fight for free speech in this country.

According to court documents, Parker’s CEO John Matze has been forced to flee his home and live in “hiding” due to personal security breaches and death threats.


It’s absolutely shameful that not only has this man lost his business, but he’s also lost his home and sense of security.

GAB CEO Andrew Torba tweeted out support for Matze and his family, and explained that he too had to do the same thing back when liberals destroyed his site.

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This is absolutely despicable and many users on Twitter also expressed disgust with the injustice that’s happening with Parler and it’s CEO.

Natzi tactics. Straight out of the natzi playbook

Welcome to a world where free speech means only what I want to hear!! Communism at its finest

Seriously? This is happening to them? Not only they lose their business,but now their safety and home. This is outrageous, despicable and sad!I will be praying for them!

The left does not care…with all their talk of caring about the less fortunate it’s actually the exact opposite. They only care about winning by any means.

I’ve been saying for years that we are following the tactics of Nazism and communism and everyone rolled their eyes at me. Well, welcome to 1984, history repeats itself because we were too blind to see what happened before?.

This is sickening and evil. Praying for him and his family.



This is yet another example of what happens to you when you dare do or say something the left doesn’t agree with.

These are scary times indeed…

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