Rush Just Issued Most Dire Prediction Yet, Orders Conservatives to “Wake The Hell Up”

Rush Just Issued Most Dire Prediction Yet, Orders Conservatives to “Wake The Hell Up”

Rush Limbaugh has some very somber news for anyone who’s sitting around waiting for the 2022 midterms to save the day.


Rush’s response to that line of thinking is: “wake the hell up.”

During his show on Monday, Limbaugh responded to a caller who believes there was voter fraud and who wanted to know where conservatives go from here.

Limbaugh kicked off his response with an anecdote about his friend and author Vince Flynn, and then he did his best to jar Trump supporters back into reality.

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From Rush Limbaugh

RUSH: Here’s Neil in Matthews, North Carolina. Great to have you. You’re up next. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. Prayers for you and your family.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Rush, I’m gonna go out on a limb and speak for the millions of Trump supporters out there that believe this was a fraudulent election and see that things are being swept under the rug. And I’m also gonna say that these millions of people also trust your opinion. Rush, where do we go from here?

RUSH: Well, you know, I have a phrase. My good friend Vince Flynn, who passed away from prostate cancer at way too young an age had a — and it’s nothing unique to him, but he was famous for it because it was consistent, he was consistent, “keep the faith.” He just believed in keeping the faith.

Now, I hear a lot of people talking about — and I’ve got a problem with this — a lot of people talking about the upcoming midterms in 2022. I’m hearing people on our side, the traditional political junkies, “Well, let the Democrats do whatever they’re gonna do, ’cause they’re gonna be swamped, baby, we’re gonna wipe ’em out in the midterms. We’re gonna win the House back, we’re gonna win the Senate back, man, it’s gonna be beautiful.”

I said, “Wait a minute, do you people not get what’s going on here? The days of traditional American politics… the Democrats are setting it up so they’re never gonna lose elections again. What do you mean we’re gonna win it all back in 2022? Who in their right mind thinks that that’s in the cards?”

“Well, Rush, it’s gonna be so massive, they can’t stop it with cheating. They’re gonna be so rejected.” They’re gonna be so rejected? How the hell did they win? “They didn’t run, Rush, they cheated.” Folks, you’re making a big mistake if you think that all of this success that they’re enjoying is simply due to cheating. There are gazillions of Americans who’ve bought into this. There are lots of Americans who have gone over to the dark side.

This is not simply because the Democrats fraudulently stole an election. Even if they did, Plugs still got enough votes to enable them to go over the line by cheating. We have a serious problem here. But the idea that the American people didn’t know what they were doing and in two years are gonna be running to the ballot box to reverse their decision because they had no idea they were electing a bunch of communists, what do you think just happened in Georgia?

Rush goes on to explain that conservatives are blissfully blind and ignorant, not willing to truly face what is happening.


Here’s what he said:


The only thing — you ask me, what can the American people do — wake the hell up, those who haven’t. And understand what we’re up against because I still think we have the ability to outnumber these people. I still think we do. But I think we’ve got way too much — I don’t know — blindness or ignorance, and perhaps it’s worse than that. Maybe people have gone over to the Democrat Party side knowingly and purposely ’cause they believe in it. Who the hell knows.


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