[VIDEO] Wow! If This is The Huge Crowd on Jan 5th, What Will Jan 6th Look Like?

[VIDEO] Wow! If This is The Huge Crowd on Jan 5th, What Will Jan 6th Look Like?

Well, tomorrow is the big day…January 6th. That’s the day that President Trump asked his supporters to come to DC as a show of support for him as he fights against China, the Dems, GOP, media (Fox News), and everyone else who is clawing and cheating to get rid of him.


We don’t know exactly what will happen on Wednesday – but we do know that a lot of Republicans will be objecting. Still, it’s not enough. Every single Republican should be objecting to this sham election – and those who aren’t will be primaried. It’s that simple.

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So, with tomorrow being the “big day’ when everyone arrives, I was a bit taken aback when I saw this video today from Freedom Plaza in DC.

Man, what a crowd!

If this is the crowd the day before the big event, what the heck will the big event look like?

You can watch the video below:

I will say this, no matter what happens with this election – if Trump is reelected, or if Biden and China succeed in this steal – the fact that President Trump will surround by a sea of his MAGA family on this important day means everything to him…and us.


And no matter what the outcome – even if we “lose” this battle, MAGA will stay intact and we will all join together and fight like hell to make Biden, China, Dems, and GOP as miserable and as unsuccessful as possible.


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