Report: Shellshocked Mitch McConnell Seeks Revenge for GA Loss, Vows to “Destroy” Trump

Report: Shellshocked Mitch McConnell Seeks Revenge for GA Loss, Vows to “Destroy” Trump

As you likely know by now, the Republicans suffered two massive defeats in GA last night.

It’s not a shock, really…and here’s why:


The American people watched as the GOP worked with the Dems and China to steal their vote and their voice, and they’re pissed.

Can you blame them?

So, the old standby “trick” the GOP uses to “get out the vote” which consists of, “hold your nose and vote for us because we’re the lesser of two evils” no longer works.

Conservatives have finally realized that the GOP is actually the bigger of the two evils.

Add to that, the cheating parade that’s happening all across the county and is “stationed” in GA, and you’ve got a recipe for an epic loss.

Of course, it didn’t help that the GOP put up two wishy-washy candidates, or that Mitch McConnell treated Americans like third-class peasants with that stimulus bill.

But don’t be fooled – the “steal” is what sealed the GOP’s fate.

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And speaking of good ol’ Mitch – word has it that he’s shellshocked over the defeat.

Yes, this clueless idiotic elite fool is so out of touch with his voters that he can’t understand why he lost, and apparently he’s blaming it on Trump and now he’s seeking “revenge.”

Here’s what National Journal reporter Josh Kraushaar is saying:

“Emotions running high among McConnell-aligned Republicans early Wednesday am — after reality of what transpired in Georgia settled in. May be the heat of the moment, but mood is for declaring war on Team Trump. Want to marginalize Trump as they marginalized Steve Bannon in 2017”

Mitch McConnel is a stupid fool if he thinks he can take on Trump and win. If anything, GA should be proof that he can’t…and it’ll only get worse from here.

The GOP lost because they’re devious, traitorous letches, and the smokescreen of the loyal “Grand Ol’ Party” has been lifted. Voters see who the GOP truly are and would rather suffer for a couple of years at the hands of left-wing communists who don’t hide their true intentions than suffer for decades at the hands of communists who do.

Yes, the next couple of years will be tough, but we’ll get through it because ending the GOPs reign of subversion and terror must come first — then and only then can we end the reign of terror on the left.


Pray for America and Trump, and suit up, because the war is just getting started.

UPDATE: Now, Team McConnell is claiming it’s not “waging” war on Trump. Sure, we believe you, Mitch…We really believe you. ?


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