[VIDEO] Cali Trump Supporters Know Exactly How to Snuff Out Liberal Tyranny

[VIDEO] Cali Trump Supporters Know Exactly How to Snuff Out Liberal Tyranny

The left is all about canceling everything.

They cancel people, history, words, gender, and tradition, just to name a few things. There’s so much more, yet we’re to believe these are the people supporting “freedom” and fighting “fascism.” It’s laughable – these people are evil communist tyrants.

Just look at what they recently did in Pasadena, California with the beloved Rose Parade – another tradition that was tossed in the dustbin due to the “COVID pandemic.”


But as usual, the right side of the nation was ready in the wings with a perfect response to the left’s ongoing tyranny, where they use a virus with a 99.8+ survival rate to destroy the country.

Right after it was announced that the parade was canceled, clever Trump supporters teamed and put on a MAGA parade instead.

And as with all things “MAGA,” the parade was a YUGE success.

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You can watch the video below:

The only way to beat these tyrannical commies at their own game is by not sitting back and allowing them to destroy everything around us.

Resist and rebel, and let your voices be heard.


Nobody said this fight would be easy, and it will likely get harder before it gets better, but we can’t give these Ameican-hating communists an inch, or they’ll take 200 miles.

Keep fighting!


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