[VIDEO] Diamond and Silk Say America is Transitioning from Greatness to Darkness

[VIDEO] Diamond and Silk Say America is Transitioning from Greatness to Darkness

America has turned a corner…

One that many consider to be a dark one.

In Trump’s four years as president, he gave us border security, improved trade, thousands of jobs, oil independence and an amazing economy.


However, President Biden has unraveled much of that in just a few days.

With executive order after executive order, Biden has brought the stock market to a new low and has killed thousands of jobs.

But dynamic duo Diamond and Silk promise that Trump’s legacy will never completely erased, but that under Biden we are surely going to face “dark times.”

Check it out:

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They’re 100% right.

After all, we’re only four days into his presidency and he’s already done significant damage to the economy and jobs.

Particularly with his cancelling of the Keystone Pipeline, which is projected to cause thousands of Americans lose their jobs.


“We just want people in Washington and at the federal level that are making these decisions to recognize that every decision they make has the potential to impact local jobs,” Bryan Day, executive director for the Port of Little Rock, said.

Company Welspun Tubular LLC is based at the port and created pipes for the Keystone Pipeline.

“Welspun is one of our industry partners when they’re fully operational when they are working all of their plans, they are well over 1,000 employees they are one of the largest employers at the port of Little Rock,” Day said.

KATV reached out to Welspun Thursday but the company declined to comment. Day said the port would transport the pipes made and will in turn lose money as well.

“You’re looking at several hundreds of dollars in rail lost revenue for the port I have no idea about when Welspun will fully recognize the impact,” Day said.


This is certainty not a great start for Biden.

We can only hope that the GOP will grow a spine and start to fight back.

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