AOC Whines Uncontrolabbly After Being Humiliated by OANN Reporter

AOC Whines Uncontrolabbly After Being Humiliated by OANN Reporter

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been caught in a big old lie and instead of owning up to it, she’s decided to dig her hole even further by throwing a hissy fit.


It’s been revealed that AOC’s tale of a “near death” experience at the Capitol during the riots is a bit of a stretch considering that she was in a separate building on the other side of the street.

From Fox News

The controversy erupted after the New York congresswoman posted a video in which she described a confrontation with Capitol police at her office, which is located on the larger Capitol complex. But it is not in the Capitol itself — which includes the dome, the House, and the Senate — and was where many rioters stormed in and were seen breaking windows.

Her office is located in the Cannon building, which is accessible through underground tunnels connected to the Capitol as well as via a short stroll down a walkway and across the street. It was also one of the buildings where staff was told to evacuate after suspicious packages were found in the area. Law enforcement found pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails in the vicinity.

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This story is blowing up all over Twitter, especially with these posts from OANN report Jack Posobiec which AOC personally lashed out at:

Ha! She’s actually so desperate to defend herself that she’s criticizing arrow placements.

Of course, these responses from AOC got her lambasted even more on Twitter:


She’s an absolute disgrace.

There’s nothing worse than taking an already politically charged situation and using it for your own gain.

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