[VIDEO] Most Powerful Aussie News Channel Just Said Out Loud The One Thing Our Media Won’t…

[VIDEO] Most Powerful Aussie News Channel Just Said Out Loud The One Thing Our Media Won’t…

Over the past five years, our media has destroyed their credibility.


Americans have completely lost trust in the media – they’ve outed themselves as progressive “activists,” not journalists.

Their goal is to promote the liberal/globalist agenda and protect it at all costs. Truth, facts, and real reporting are out the window. It’s all about political ideology now.

The mainstream news is no better than the “National Enquirer.”

Furthermore, our mainstream media is no different than North Korea’s state-run propaganda media.

The only difference is, our media is more obviously fake than they are.

They simply can’t help themselves. They’re just so arrogant.

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If we had a real and honest media, the number one thing they would have been reporting on was Joe Biden’s very obvious cognitive issues.

We all see it with our own eyes and hear it with our own ears…his issues are so serious, that they can’t be hidden.

Yet, our media either refuses to report on the problem, or they simply claim it’s a “childhood stutter,” which is absolutely absurd – that’s blatant propaganda.

But Joe’s cognitive issues are real and that’s why foreign media outlets – big, powerful ones – are reporting on it.


Sky News – the most influential media in Australia, is calling out Joe’s cognitive issues in the biggest and boldest way possible.

There’s no dancing around the issue …they CALLED IT ALL OUT.

You can watch the video below:

The man can barely string a sentence together.

He’s treated like a fragile nursing home patient.

He can’t tell the difference between his sister and his wife.


He doesn’t know where he is half the time.

And regardless of what our goofy media says, that is not caused by a “childhood stutter.”


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