[VIDEO] Biden Gets Brutal Backlash From Left and Right Over His Absurd New “COVID Plan”

[VIDEO] Biden Gets Brutal Backlash From Left and Right Over His Absurd New “COVID Plan”

Joe Biden spent his campaign in a basement attacking President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Biden vowed that he’d do it all so much better and take “control” of the virus and get America back on track.

Well, first off, we were not “off track” to begin with, and second off, Biden, who was installed a couple of weeks ago, doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

And his latest COVID plan proves how absolutely lost and bungling he and his handlers truly are.

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The new plan the Biden team will be rolling out will probably be the dumbest thing you hear all day: mailing every single American a mask.

That’s right – Biden will use American tax dollars to send everyone a product that is available everywhere you look.

You can’t escape the masks.

And it’s a product that experts are all over the map on, and nobody can seem to agree if it even works or not.

But that’s what Biden’s big “COVID” plan is – mailing out masks.


Good lord these people are buffoons.


As you can imagine, Americans took one look at this goofy “plan” and lashed out. Even some mask-loving liberals thought it was silly.


Here are some of the comments:

“This is a total waste! People are not wearing masks because they’re selfish fools not because they don’t have access!”

“Wasteful spending. Masks are available everywhere”

“They’re going to spend like $30 a mask.”

“Oh that’s cost effective!! Omg. Insanity!! “

“If Mr Holt were a real journalist, he would interview one of the many health officials who find masks are dangerous and do little to stop virus.”

“This administration doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

“I’m good! Keep your masks and your postage.. I have my own..wearing one is enough”

“Coming soon to a landfill near you.”

“My politicians went and destroyed my business and all I got was this stupid mask.”

“Waste of money 10s of millions will just throw them away”

“Please send me one so I can burn it.”

“I’ve got plenty of masks and can purchase more at every store I walk into. Thanks but no thanks.”

“This is stupid and a huge waste of money.”

“I wonder what Biden family member will get the contact for this?”

“there is no mask shortage in america”

“There are literally homeless people on the side of the streets wearing masks. We don’t need the federal government to send out masks. This is a terrible idea.”

“Complete joke to spend your time on this. There are literally masks everywhere including littered all over the streets. People are smart enough to find masks”

And on and on and on the negative comments went.

This is just the dumbest idea and the biggest waste of money ever.

Joe Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing, and this awful plan proves it.



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