Actor Dean Cain Has a Savage Message For Biden and His 8-Foot-High Security Fences

Actor Dean Cain Has a Savage Message For Biden and His 8-Foot-High Security Fences

We’ve been told time and time again that Joe Biden – a career politician and complete buffoon – is the most beloved politician in the Milkyway Galaxy.


As far as the media is concerned, bumbling Joe is more popular than Obama – the nation’s first black president – and President Trump, the man who commands a movement so strong and powerful that the Dems are shaking in their boots and doing anything and everything to make sure he can’t run again.

Um, if Joe’s so popular, and President Trump is so unpopular, why wouldn’t you encourage Trump to run again so Joe can have another historic “landslide?”

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We all know why. It’s all so painfully clear.

Meanwhile, the most so-called “popular politician” in the world, has turned DC into a version of the “Hunger Games,” with walls, barbed wire, and military guards.

What is this “historic and beloved” politician so afraid of?

That’s what conservative actor Dean Cain is wondering as well.

And he called out Biden and his “wall of security” in a savage tweet.


Here’s what Dean said: “If you feel you need permanent 8 foot high fencing rimmed with barbed wire, and 5,000 National Guard troops to guard the U.S. Capitol for months and months… perhaps you’re doing something wrong.”

A major chunk of the country believes that their voice and their vote were stolen from them…and nothing Biden or anyone says or does will change that.


As a matter of fact, everything Joe says and does reinforces the belief that this whole sham was not on the up-and-up.

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