Opinion: Dems Are So Afraid Of Donald Trump Running Again

Opinion: Dems Are So Afraid Of Donald Trump Running Again

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Barely two weeks into the fraudulently selected Joe Biden illegal regime and already 65,000 dead from its mother party CCP virus and in the process, tens of thousands of jobs lost. But then, Dems are moving forward with impeaching an American citizen.

I’m not even interested in this trial at this point. Trump didn’t commit any crime and certainly not the one alleged in the single article of impeachment. Trump contested the election and gave a speech. A riot at the Capitol Building occurred. Those are the ONLY facts, and Democrats have ZERO evidence those two events are related, nor is there any actual evidence that Trump had anything to do with directly causing or encouraging the riot. Unless Democrats have evidence of Trump’s having said, “go attack the Capitol…stop the proceeding by force…do it NOW!” and somehow the rioters who were already at the Capitol heard him say those words, this impeachment is complete without merit!


I agree with former South Carolina representative Trey Gowdy who stated; the Democrats chose the dumbest reason to impeach Donald J. Trump.

I am literally waiting for this false impeachment of a now private citizen to be deemed, over. Trump will most likely own America afterward when he files the Trump vs. the United States to violate his constitutional rights, including protecting private citizens from persecution from the federal government.

According to our Constitution, Chief Justice Roberts must preside over an Impeachment of a president. Since Mr. Trump is no longer in any political office and the Chief Justice is not presiding over this Impeachment, there is no legal merit for holding Donald Trump’s Impeachment, a now-private-citizen. This Impeachment is only political theater, and it can have no binding legal authority to impose a penalty of any kind.

Trump could’ve given the “Sermon on the Mount,” and the democrats would have figured out a way to twist his words into “The Battle Cry of the Republic.” As trite as this is, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

I’m far more interested in the active and ongoing lawsuits and inquiries at the State level, especially in Maricopa, AZ, and Fulton, GA.

There, they’re going after forensic analyses of the BALLOTS. Forget the machines (for now). The next BIG fight – excuse me, “struggle” will be about State legislators reversing some of the egregious, insecure changes to elections law made by Democratic State courts, Governors, and SofStates time for 2022.


Why? Because any misdeeds found in Maricopa, Fulton, and on and on (supposedly 15 or so other states to follow the pattern) will be the best arguments for returning some common sense to voting.

It may never go back to all-paper, in-person voting, but those unsolicited mass mailouts to voters will, hopefully, soon be a thing of the past.

Everything Pres. Trump’s lawyers say in his defense is accurate. His claims that the election was stolen are within his freedom of speech. He never called for any violence, and his use of the word fight was used figuratively and not even directed at the crowd. This impeachment attempts to criminalize speech that the left disagrees with and will set the most dangerous precedent in our history if he is convicted. Sadly, this is seen as a partisan issue. You have to stand up for freedom even if you disagree with the person being stripped of it.

I hope the attorneys put together the greatest hits of democrats saying the same things as Trump is accused of. It should include Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and Corey Booker. The media is giving them a pass and burying these videos. When was the last time you saw one? I also agree with first amendment rights.

Trump was the strongest advocate for the USA in a very long time. His support of the military, sovereign borders, minority employment, justice reform, foreign trade has no comparison from the left or the right if you bother to be honest, the talking heads of the media, career politicians, and Big Tech are proving to be the enemy of the country.

If you worked as hard as Trump and know what he knows and if you believe the election was stolen, it is your right to say so. Where is free speech? If Schumer and clan claim it, why shouldn’t Trump.

When it all comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what the defense is. Our liberal friends don’t understand facts. They have made up their minds, as simple as they are, and there is no changing them. They have proven this by the whole charade.

What their increasingly irrational behavior exposed was the two separate agendas vying for control over these United States. Their increasingly unhinged behavior also signaled they would stoop to any level, use any tactic, and destroy everything in their path to achieve said stated goal of destroying Trump and his supporters.


This impeachment should be to remove Biden, the dictator, from office. By the end of Biden’s ninth day at the White House, he had signed a record 40 executive orders, actions, and presidential memorandum. During Trump’s first nine days, he signed 6. By Biden’s own definition, right out of his own decrepit lying mouth, that makes him the greatest dictator ever. Biden has signed 29 executive orders so far and has been in office less than three weeks. In Trump’s first 52 weeks in office, he signed a total of 55 executive orders.

At this rate, Biden will destroy this country before his first year is over if he makes it that long. Apparently, his first three weeks has greatly accelerated his mental decline. He has no idea what he is saying, where he is, or what he is doing. And people voted for this?

Trump is the first one I could call “my president.” The greatest man I’ve ever watched. Truly grateful for this great country that has produced this giant of our time. I hope to see more people follow his steps to serve the country.



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