[VIDEO] Here’s The Video Team Trump Should Play On Loop During Impeachment Hearing

[VIDEO] Here’s The Video Team Trump Should Play On Loop During Impeachment Hearing

Isn’t it funny that all of a sudden the Democrats are “shocked” and “horrified” by any kind violence?

This is the party that instilled the belief into their voters that Trump had stolen the election from Hillary Clinton because he had help from the Russians.


They literally whipped the country into a frenzy, with violent protests popping up all over the nation and Republican leaders like Steve Scalise and Rand Paul being direct victims of violent acts.

But now they sit on their high horse, watching the chaos that they caused unfold around them and who do they blame for it?

Donald Trump.

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Instead of taking a hard look in the mirror at how their own actions might have contributed to the riots at the Capitol, they’re taking it all out on Trump with this pathetic impeachment trial.

And speaking of impeachment trial, here’s a video that truly encapsulates what hypocrites these Dems truly are and should be played on repeat by Trump’s legal team.

Check it out:


Quite powerful right?


The truth is that Dems are currently facing the horrific consequences of their own actions.

They’ve pumped so much emotion and misleading information into the liberal psyche that now both sides have become supercharged in their own political beliefs.

They’ve pitted Americans against each other with this rhetoric, and it seems they have no plans on stopping after this impeachment.

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