[VIDEO] Matt Gaetz Just Revealed Pelosi’s Latest Sinister Move Against MAGA

[VIDEO] Matt Gaetz Just Revealed Pelosi’s Latest Sinister Move Against MAGA

Well, it looks like Pelosi has moved past her second failed impeachment and is now on to bigger and more sinister things.


She just picked Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honor the mother of all anti-Trump generals to take on a major role in D.C. where he’ll assess the security during and after the January riots at the Capitol.

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And we’re already gearing up for this report to be mighty biased as Honor has made some incredibly disparaging comments on both Trump and his supports.

Check out the damning video that Matt Gaetz just shared about him:

From Western Journal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently picked a retired United States Army general to conduct a security review of the Capitol in the wake of an incursion into the building on Jan. 6, but his past remarks paint a troubling picture for Washington, D.C.’s future.

Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore will lead the assessment of Capitol defenses before, during and after the January riot, a role Pelosi handpicked him for on Jan. 15, according to NBC News.

While Honore served in the American armed forces for decades, his documented outspoken beliefs against Republican lawmakers and even our constitutional rights have many worried.

Images and social media blurbs posted by the retired officer show he is nowhere near an impartial party, threatening the fairness and objectivity of his review.

In one now-deleted Tweet, Honore called Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley a “little peace [sic] of s—,” who should be chased out of the D.C., echoing the same anti-lawmaker rhetoric he is supposedly tasked with defending against.


This guy isn’t looking like he’ll be an impartial judge on anything related to the Capitol riots.

Pelosi definitely looks like she’s taking a direct shot at MAGA now…

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