Sebastian Gorka Has Some Priceless Advice For Whiny Biden Voters

Sebastian Gorka Has Some Priceless Advice For Whiny Biden Voters

There are many liberals who are having what’s called “Biden remorse.”

A good chunk of Biden voters supported him based on campaign promises like $2,000 stimulus checks, free college and students loan debt forgiveness.


Thus far he’s failed to make good on any of these promises and people are starting to turn on him.

But things are only going to get worse folks, and it’ll all start at the gas pump.

Gas prices are going to start to soar under Biden and Sebastian Gorka already has some great advice for Biden voters who will be complaining.

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Truer words have never been spoken.

But seriously, get ready for some mighty high prices at the pump as Biden cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline is about to reek havoc.

Actually they’re already going up…

From Fox Business

The average price of gas in the United States has hit a 12-month high, according to new data Thursday from Gas Buddy.

The average retail gas price in the United States is now $2.50 per gallon after soaring from an average price of $1.74 per gallon in April 2020. In February of last year, Gas Buddy’s chart shows gas prices were about $2.42 per gallon and proceeded to rise slightly before plummeting as the coronavirus pandemic spread across the country.

Gas Buddy senior petroleum analyst Patrick De Haan told FOX Business that a significant contribution to the increase is related to the recovery from COVID-19 as well as rising oil demand globally against the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) decision to cut production.

“Unfortunately prices are likely to continue rising in the weeks and months ahead so long as we continue to see improvement in the pandemic,” De Haan added, “They could rise another 15 to 35 cents a gallon by summer, [it’s] all really contingent on what happens in the months ahead with COVID.”


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